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Crafting an Instagram Reel for Limited Edition Cookies

Disclaimer: The social media ads created by the author for this case study project feature a fictitious representation of a brand-name product. These advertisements are part of an experiential learning exercise and are only imaginative works of fiction. The products are not endorsed by the actual brands mentioned.

Milano Magic: How a Unique Instagram Reel Captivated Audiences for a Limited Edition Treat

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The Recipe for Memorable Marketing

Engaging content marketing is crucial for companies constantly competing in the marketplace. It is vital that a brand utilizes memorable content marketing as an opportunity to stand out from its competitors. High-quality content attracts and retains the attention of potential customers. Engaging content encourages interaction, leading to increased brand loyalty and customer retention.

Instagram Reels are intentionally designed to quickly capture and hold viewers’ attention. Social media platforms featuring successful reels demonstrates an understanding brand identity, current trends in digital marketing, and content creation that effectively engage an audience.

Furthermore, stop motion possesses a unique charm and tangible quality unmatched by other techniques. It enables animators to animate inanimate objects, giving them a sense of personality and character. Thus, combination of the quick engagement of reels with the distinctive charm of stop motion creates a powerful content marketing strategy, as recognized by big companies such as Apple.

From Farm to Fame: The Pepperidge Farm Journey

Pepperidge Farm is an American commercial bakery founded in 1937 by Margaret Rudkin. The brand derives its name from her family’s farm in Fairfield, Connecticut (CT), inspired by the pepperidge tree.

Official Pepperidge Farms logo
Official Pepperidge Farm logo

The company now operates out of Norwalk, CT as a subsidiary of one of North America’s largest food companies, the Campbell Soup Company. Pepperidge Farm is set to close its current headquarters by 2025 to consolidate its central offices. The new headquarters will be situated in Camden, New Jersey, alongside the Campbell Soup Company’s main office.

Milano cookies are one of the brand’s many beloved treats, delivering a rich chocolatey goodness that has found its way into the hearts and homes of countless Americans. But did you know that the same brand responsible for these delightful snacks also produces the beloved “snack that smiles back”?

Pepperidge Farm’s official website, where users can shop all their favorite snacks

Despite their established success and beloved products, Pepperidge Farm faces a new and unique challenge.

Crunch Time: Marketing the London Fog Cookies

Pepperidge Farm faces the challenge of effectively promoting their new Limited Edition London Fog Milano cookie on Instagram. They aim to increase social media engagement, boost cookie sales, and expand their consumer profile. The primary issue at hand is to create a compelling Instagram reel that would capture the attention of both existing and new customers.

Pepperidge Farm Instagram insights as of May 2024: 531 posts | 44.4K followers

The brand needs to differentiate this new product in a market saturated with various snack options. While their established products, such as the classic Milano cookies and Goldfish crackers, already have a strong following, the introduction of a limited edition flavor requires a fresh and innovative approach to capture interest and drive excitement.

Pepperidge Farm’s challenge was also influenced by the heightened competition in the snack food industry. As more brands leverage social media to promote their products, standing out becomes increasingly difficult. This intensifies the need for innovative content that can set apart itself from the crowd and capture consumer interest.

Client Cravings: What They’re Hungry For

Pepperidge Farm had clear expectations for this project:

  1. Graphically Interesting Post: The client wanted a visually appealing reel that could capture the sophisticated yet playful essence of the London Fog Milano cookie. The design needed to be both eye-catching and engaging, leveraging the highly visual aspect of Instagram’s platform to draw in viewers.
  2. Consistency with Existing Branding: It was crucial that the reel maintained a cohesive look and feel with Pepperidge Farm’s existing branding. This included using color schemes, fonts, and visual elements that aligned with the brand’s established identity.
  3. Reference to the Holiday Fog Reel: The client specifically referenced the successful Holiday Fog reel, requesting a similar approach for the new product. This meant incorporating familiar stylistic elements and themes to create a sense of continuity for the audience.
  1. Highlighting Product Uniqueness: The reel needed to emphasize what makes the London Fog Milano cookie special, from its unique flavor inspired by the classic London Fog tea latte to its limited edition status. This required a delicate balance of informative content and enticing visuals.
  2. Engagement and Interaction: Beyond just views, the client expected the reel to encourage interaction—likes, comments, shares, and perhaps even user-generated content. This meant the content had to be not just watchable, but shareable and discussable, sparking conversation among viewers.

By meeting these expectations, the goal was to create a reel that not only promoted the new product but also reinforced Pepperidge Farm’s brand image, engaged their audience, and drove tangible results in terms of sales and brand loyalty.

360° of Goodness: The Stop-Motion Story of Milano Cookies

In approaching the challenge of setting Pepperidge Farm apart, I took a creative and innovative approach by incorporating stop motion into the final reel. Although this was a new challenge for me, I drew inspiration from successful examples like Apple’s Shot on iPhone 15 Pro reel. To ensure this solution would resonate with the client’s goals, I conducted preliminary research into stop motion techniques.

While presenting the concept to the client, we discussed the stop motion concept and gathered their input on how to achieve the desired effect. Based on the feedback and suggestions, I decided to shoot more than 4 angles of the London Fog Milano Cookies to enhance the stop-motion effect. In fact, I captured a total 17 angles to achieve a smooth spinning effect.

Throughout the development process, I collected feedback from the client to achieve the ultimate solution. This iterative approach allowed me to fine-tune the techniques used and ensure that the final reel would meet the client’s expectations and effectively showcase the product.

Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging from the back (1 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (2 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (3 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (4 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (5 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (6 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (7 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (8 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (9 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (10 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (11 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (11 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (12 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (13 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (14 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (15 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (16 of 17)
Photo of Limited Edition London Fog Cookie Packaging (17 of 17)
Final Instagram Reel for Pepperidge Farm’s New Limited Edition London Fog Milano Cookie

Color Palette & Typography

The solution we developed was a visually stunning Instagram reel that featured the London Fog Milano Cookies in a captivating stop-motion sequence. Similar to Pepperidge Farm’s Holiday Exclusive Holiday Nog Milano Cookie Instagram Reel, the product itself inspired the final color palette and typography. By leveraging this technique, I was able to create a unique and memorable viewing experience that effectively captured the attention of our client’s target audience.

In terms of platforms and tools, I utilized professional-grade photography equipment and Adobe Photoshop to edit and compile the images into an effective stop-motion sequence.

Overall, my approach to the challenge involved a combination of creative thinking and a commitment to delivering a solution that would effectively showcase the limited edition product and set Pepperidge Farm apart in the competitive marketplace.

Steps to Sweet Success

Planning (Research) – 1 Week

The journey began with a week dedicated to thorough research and planning. During this phase, an analysis of the Pepperidge Farm brand identity was conducted, various stop-motion techniques were explored, successful reels like Apple’s Shot on iPhone 15 Pro were studied. This preliminary research ensured a solid understanding of what would capture the audience’s attention and set Pepperidge Farm apart from competitors.

Designing (Storyboarding) – 1 Week

Next, the process transitioned into the week-long design phase, crafting detailed storyboards. Ideas were brainstormed to create a unique and engaging concept for the London Fog Milano Cookies reel. The storyboards outlined general frames of the stop-motion sequence, developing a coherent and captivating narrative.

Collaboration with the client during this stage was crucial to incorporate their vision and feedback, refining the approach to perfectly align with the brand’s identity and marketing goals.

Developing (Shooting & Editing) – 2 Weeks

With the plan in place and the storyboards approved, the development phase took place over the span of two weeks. This stage involved the meticulous process of shooting 17 different angles of the London Fog Milano Cookies packaging to achieve a playful spinning effect. Each photo was carefully masked to bring the product to life with the magic of stop-motion. Using Adobe Photoshop, the images were compiled and edited, ensuring a visually engaging loop for the final reel.

By following this structured timeline, I successfully created an Instagram reel showcasing the limited edition London Fog Milano Cookies. This reel added a unique touch of personality to the brand’s Instagram page while staying true to the brand’s identity and setting it apart from competing snack companies.

Behind the scenes look at the process

Projecting Sweet Success: Unveiling the Impact

The solution effectively solved the client’s stated problem and accomplished their objectives. The reel achieves the same feel as the Holiday Nog reel, aligning perfectly with Pepperidge Farm’s branding on Instagram.

Taste of Triumph: Instant Social Media Buzz

The immediate benefits include increased engagement on the Pepperidge Farm Instagram page. The visually captivating stop-motion reel attracted more likes, comments, and shares, boosting the brand’s visibility and interaction with its audience.

Sweet Sustenance: Nurturing Long-Term Consumer Connections

Over time, the brand will develop a more unique and distinguished identity by consistently posting high-quality, creative content. This will result in sustained social media engagement, a larger consumer base, and increased product sales. The continual use of unique and innovative content such as stop-motion reels will set Pepperidge Farm apart from competitors.

Crumb Count: Tracking Reel Performance Metrics

The most important data point is social media engagement. High engagement levels are crucial for enhancing brand visibility and reach. Increased engagement means more people are seeing and interacting with content promoting products like the new London Fog Milano cookie, which drives sales and strengthens the brand’s presence in the market.

Sweet Satisfaction: Client Reactions to Reel Results

Overall, Pepperidge Farm is ecstatic about the Neographic solution. The client’s positive feedback and the immediate uptick in social media engagement indicate that the solution not only solved their problem but also exceeded their expectations, helping them achieve their intended goals.

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